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So, hello now. My name is Sanela, and this is MyWorld, my little online corner. I’m thinking about this long time now, and I finally got some courage to write my first post, and blog.

Maybe I should tell you something about myself? Hmmm, that would be a good idea. I am from a little town called Kutina, near Zagreb, in Croatia. Even do I grow up there, and the city is not that bad, I moved as soon as I could. When I was 18 years old, I was living in Split, where I was trying to study programming. Soo, that didn’t go so well. After 4 years of trying I decided it was quite enough of that, so I moved back to Kutina. At the age of 22 I figured, what the hell, so I went to another college, this time it was a business economy. That one was a success. I knew it was not my fault in split, it was the college (wink wink). Now I am bacc. oec.

So, that’s it about my school life. After I finished college, I moved to Rijeka, and at this moment I still live here ( I know, I couldn’t believe either ).

I’ve worked as a bartender for a few years, I was Bar Manager in the heart of Rijeka. Now working as an accountant in one consultant company. That’s something about my work history just so you can have some image about me and that my future posts don’t come as a surprise.

What did I forget to say? Mhmhmmmm.. Oh, yes….

I’m 29 years old, almost 30. Still single, still enjoying life. Actually, I’m prepared to begin a new chapter in my life, but for now pssssst. All about that, I will write in my next story. I love life and trying to live one the best I can.

This was a short introduction, with every new post you will learn something new about me ( and there is a lot to learn ). Sometimes I will write about my thoughts, and sometimes about everything else. You will see, it will be interesting.

That’s it for now, see ya soon! 🙂

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